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Our Senses Experiment

Our Senses Experiment

Michelle brought in the microwave and turned it towards the wall so that we could not see what was in it.

We had to use our senses to figure it out!

Michelle turned on the microwave.

After a little while we heard lots of popping.

We guessed that it was popcorn.

Then we got the smell of popcorn.

When the beep went off on the microwave Michelle took out the bag.

Teacher opened the bag and showed us what was in it.

It was popcorn! We were all able to see it.

Then the teacher gave us a piece of popcorn each to feel it.

It felt light and fluffy. When we squeezed it, it made a crunchy sound.

The best part of our experiment was that we got to use our sense of taste.

The teacher gave each table a bowl of popcorn to eat.

It tasted salty and delicious.

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