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Primary Maths  & Science

Step 3 -  Engineering and Maths

We have a sample here of the great ongoing work our pupils are undertaking in Engineering and Maths during the school  year 2021-2022. We regularly add to this page and to our STEM blog so please keep checking back. 

forces magnetism

Forces - Magnetism

We were investigating and experimenting with forces. We learned how ramps can help move an object and then we used our ramps to record how moving objects are dependant on whether there is friction or no friction.

more magnetism

Forces - More Magnetism

We worked on another experiment involving Magnetism. First we had to predict how many paper clips each of our 3 magnets could hold. Then we tried it and compared our predictions with our results. Lots of our predictions were spot on!


Construction with Marshmallows

A maths lesson with a twist. We constructed 2D and 3D shapes with marshmallows and spaghetti during our maths lesson. It was great fun.

construction 14.jpg
construction 10.webp

Land Yachts

2nd, 3rd and 4th classes had great fun designing and making land yachts. We used a hairdryer to provide the wind power and used a metre stick to measure the distance they travelled.


STEM/ Tangrams

Tangrams are an ancient Chinese puzzle. We were given the opportunity to play with the 7 shapes and make a square.

Some of us found this challenging.

The next step was to make our own puzzles out of paper squares.

Finally, we made animal shapes using the 7 shapes.

From 2D to 3D

We linked mags and art together bu using one point perspective to turn 2 dimensional shapes to 3 dimensional shapes.

2d to 3d 2_edited.jpg
2d to 3d 1_edited.jpg
2d to 3d 3_edited.jpg
2D to 3D
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