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Primary Maths  & Science

Step 2 -  Technology

We have a sample here of the great ongoing work our pupils are undertaking in Science during the school  year 2021-2022. We regularly add to this page and to our STEM blog so please keep checking back. 

weather infants


We learned all about the weather in the infant classroom. We explored various weather condition. we recorded the temperature and wind speed each day for a week.

weather 2a.jpg
weather 1a.jpg

Measuring Wind with Our Anemometers

We are learning about Weather & Climate in Geography. We used our chrome books and did some research on .


Technology: Typing

Using our chrome books is a regular part of our school week. We use, Studyladder, Google Docs & Slides for all areas of the curriculum. This week we used WordCloud to illustrate what we learned in our Explorer’s Education Marine Literacy. We love using Kahoot! because its great fun. Our teacher likes it for assessment.


Technology: Frames for Wet Weaving Pictures

We designed frames for our wet weaving pictures. We wanted the frames to be free standing. We used just 2 types of support to keep the pictures upright. You can see our finished worm in the pictures.

Stages of the Water Cycle

In Science we learned about the different stages of the Water Cycle. We did an experiment using a kettle and a saucepan lid to investigate how it works. We also made Water Cycle Wheels to learn more about its different stages.

water cycle 2.webp
water cycle 1.webp
water cycle 6.webp
water cycle 5.webp
water cycle 4.webp
water cycle 3.webp
water cycle
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