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Science Week - Flying Teabag Experiment

Updated: Apr 26, 2022






Health & Safety: Adult supervision is necessary and only teacher handles matches.


Cut open the teabag and cut off string .

Unfold the bag and pour tea leaves onto scrap paper.

Make the teabag into a cylinder and stand on plate.

Teacher lights top of cylinder and all watch.

Result: The teabag burns to the bottom and quickly floats up to the ceiling.

Scientific Explanation:

As the flame burns it heats the air inside the hollow center of the tea bag. As the air gets hotter the molecules move more quickly and become less dense and move around. The less dense warmer air rises above the more dense cooler air around the tea bag. Since the ash of the teabag is light and does not require much force to lift it. As the warm, less dense air rises it has enough force to lift the ash of the teabag.

Did you know? Hot air balloons use a similar principle.

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